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A happy body makes a happy mind

All of our guests have access to our luxury wellness centre. Here you can have a relaxing Jacuzzi after an intense workout

in Brenta Phu Quoc Hotel you can also keep fit using the hotel’s fitness center.
Our gym is fully equipped with the latest fitness equipment that you can use from morning till night.
Do not miss the opportunity to visit our ourdoors Jacuzzi that is open all year round, to enjoy Jacuzzi and relax at the comfy loungers!.

The Jacuzzi facilities of Brenta Phu Quoc Hotel can help you keep up with- or refresh- your fitness regime, as well as pamper with a number of indulging massage therapies or beauty treatments guaranteed to instantly uplift your spirits and brighten your day.

Sleep Ceremony

The definitive path to a blissful night’s sleep, this restful retreat will relax and reset your mind and body, lulling you peacefully into a serene slumber.

Thai Massage with Herbal Compress

A stimulating and relaxing experience, this signature treatment includes a pressure point massage along the body’s 10 major energy channels, releasing blocked energy and increasing awareness and vitality.

De-Stress Retreat

The ideal retreat to combat stress and restore the body back to balance.

Swedish Massage

A truly traditional massage with medium to firm pressure; excellent for releasing knots and tension in the body. Stimulating, strong movements effectively ease a tired aching back and limbs.